Grammar Man Answers: Farther v. Further

A few times a week I go to the gym to run a couple miles, rarely any farther. But as much as I talk about grammar, I’m always happy to discuss it further.

A reader asked about the difference between farther and further. On the one hand this is easy to explain: farther refers to distance in a literal sense; further refers to distance in an abstract sense. In the sentence above, I won’t run farther, but I’ll discuss further. Continue reading “Grammar Man Answers: Farther v. Further”

The Art and Science of Writing

Writing is often a scary thing to do. That’s because it often seems more like science than art, and, quite frankly, science is the scarier of the two. Spelling, punctuation, grammar, organization—these are no doubt important aspects of effective writing. They are the scientific aspects. But any composition worth reading is crafted by more than following whatever universal writing laws our English teachers taught us. (Yes, I did just begin a sentence with a conjunction, and I’ll do it again!) When it comes to good writing, the rules need to be bent, even broken sometimes. That’s when writing becomes an art. Continue reading “The Art and Science of Writing”